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Psychic Protection...

I find that working with one color a day is more powerful. Doing this will boost the energy of the chakra that the color responds to, and the gifts that it governs, as well as being a highly useful method of psychic protection. Your psychic cloak is as protective as you want it to be, and as protective as your psychic powers allow it to be. This is why I also use protection crystals in crystal jewelry, or carry stones of them with me each day. To help you to develop your psychic abilities, you may choose to work specifically with the color purple , and the third eye chakra.

This is because this is the chakra for the pineal gland and the third eye. If you are not sure about how the chakras work, and what the colors are for each chakra, read my article on the meaning of the chakras. Be aware of the need for psychic protection if you are working within any sort of psychic field, including as a healer, as it is also imperative to use protection while doing healing.

It is of prime importance when you are working with your psychic gifts, to make sure you are protected. I like to wear a piece of jewelry made from one, or more, of the protection stones. A good example is my lovely Black Tourmaline pendant, that contains three protection stones, which is very useful. This protection is of value, as that is the time when you will aid your client to release negativity, that may be holding back their healing.

By ensuring that you are protected you will not absorb this negative energy. As a healer, it is important to do regular cleansing of the environment where you work with clients. It is possible to use lovely mixtures made up for this purpose, including wild flower essences. Ensure all of your crystals are regularly cleansed as well.

How to Protect Yourself from Negativity and Fear-Based Constructs

I know that most crystals love the energy of being saged, and there are quite a few other good methods for cleansing your crystals as well. In social situations when people are drinking they have a stronger potential to release negative vibrations. As you develop your psychic skills, you will find that you can discern when you are being attacked. At that time you can easily ask your guardians or spirit guides to protect you, as they will do this if asked. Also place another layer of cloaking around you at this time. Having been personally attacked by someone, I know how important psychic protection is.

Many psychic attacks come while you sleep, as they may be created by the dreams of your attacker. This means they are often unintentional, yet they have just as strong an energy, if the person sending them has powerful psychic energy and abilities. So I always have my favorite protection crystals, which are mostly tumblestones in a small cloth bag, either under my pillow or on the bedside table, and these stay in the bedroom permanently.

I often wear my pendant, earrings or my ring made from Moldavite stone during the day, as this stone is highly protective. Alternatively or as well you may choose to use any of the other stones on the list. Jewelry such as earrings, rings or pendants made from protective crystals is an easy way to keep these stones on you. Some of the crystals that could be very helpful to wear could be Sugilite, Rainbow Moonstone, Amber or Amethyst, as they are both very beautiful and highly protective, so see what you already have. An easy alternative to jewelry is to have a small cloth bag of crystals in your pocket during the day.

This could contain both protection and grounding crystals and maybe one or two other crystals, ones you might be currently working with for other reasons. This is something that you can do easily, and it is a useful way to integrate positive vibrations into your life. The stones can change frequently, but some of the contents may remain the same. Are you are developing your gifts on purpose, so that you may use these psychic skills to obtain psychic employment?

Psychic protection is important, but it is not a matter of getting fearful and expecting it to happen. It is more like insurance. Most of you take out insurance on your home or vehicle. So taking actions to prevent negative outcomes from psychic attacks is just simply that, insurance, in case its needed. It may never be needed but if it is you will be glad you did!

I also own and wear rings, pendants and earrings of various stones from the protection group of stones, especially if I am going to a social occasion. While responding with fear, anger, or distress, is a natural response to a negative disturbance, this is exactly the desired result if the disturbance is indeed external.

Attacks From People

This knee-jerk reaction causes the heart chakra to close, and any forward momentum on your path of love to be temporally and some times indefinitely drawn to a halt. This is one of the reasons why it is so important as spiritual seekers, to identify and release past pain and frustrations, as the very nature of these pockets of density, attracts more of the like from external entities, situations, or challenges.

In addition to actively identifying, processing, and releasing past pain, there are numerous effective practices of psychic protection which can be utilized on demand, always, and as needed. By maintaining a high level of light energy, you will naturally repel and protect yourself from negativity, density and psychic attack, and combined with the five psychic protection exercises listed above, you will be able to enjoy more sustained periods of love and light.

Check out our Psychic Protection Angel Course here! Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of www. If you liked this message, you're going to love the Angel Solution membership program Learn more about how you can access every premium Meditation and Angelic Activation now! Want a free guided. Your Voice is the Best.. Soothing with the Presence of Love in it. I completely felt the Presence of the Angels Love accompanied by your Healing Voice release and cut cords, and ground me.

Psychic Protection Made Simple

Thank You for being Here Now Melanie!!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks very much for this, Melanie. I did already learn these skills on my own, from within. I think there are different ways of putting it into practice and applying it, yes, but getting to the right place is what really matters, and I do believe I am there.

So I am willing to wait until that right person comes along. Thank you Melanie, have been looking for something to get my focus back for some time, after difficulties. Your videos are helping immensely, and are bringing me back to the Christ light. Thank you Melanie so much for your Daily Angel Messages through my email I eagerly await every day to read them.

I especially want to thank you for the Psychic Protection made easy with Archangel Michael I have been using this at least once a day if not more. It has really helped me to try to stay positive throughout the day. So glad to hear Stephanie! Sending many blessings of love and light back in your direction as well! Melanie you are amazing kind beautiful person. You share so much and give so much freely.

I hope you and your loved ones are well, happy and have a beautiful life. Cursed it seems but no I certainly do not allow myself to linger on that negative perspective. I was given many things and strenth senses, intuition and lots that give me the capacity to overcome survive love life and be a good mothe of my 5 biggest blessings. Growing stronger and wiser, and using the negative to bring positive solutions.

When life gives you lemons, make lemon drizzle Cake! Thankyou for helping me better prepare and your guidance. Sending you love and light. Thank you so much for your kind comment. So much love, light and gratitude back your way. This is exactly what I needed, and I will do it often. You are helping to save my life.

Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you Melanie for your guidance. Very insightful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing with me and everyone! What does this mean. I know now that I was going through the motions to please my parents hoping that if I did that they would finally love me. I think that working with you that I can learn how to use all these psychic and spiritual tools to fix a throughly screwed-up life.

You are not alone I have a similar past. Good luck and kind wishes. Dear Melanie, thank you so much for this wonderful message. I am enjoining a lot. Thank you so much for your guidance and directions on receiving and paving our way towards the angels. AS the URL , so does the content, its very simple and appealing.

Thank you madam, for your wonderful information and blessings.. Thank you for your help and advice. I have tried these various ways but due to my ex husband, his spells and attacks at times seems stronger and has been continual since before divorce in !

Attacks From Spirits

I believe with all my heart that It was my Angel. So taking actions to prevent negative outcomes from psychic attacks is just simply that, insurance, in case its needed. I then started vibrating which seemed to me like an hour. When you get home you feel tired and blah. Recently, a friend of mine attended a school reunion. This orb of light serves to release any negative energy within its field… Into the light.

He became involved with a spiritualist medium gone bad. She taught him this and he also joined a cult. He is very angry and does not want me well, and specifically a leg ulcer to heal! TheAngels are very important and helpful to me! They have let me see their light at times to let me know they are near and also warning me.

I was taught some about using my pendulum to do clearing while being attacked, which has helped and being a blessing! The attacks have decreased, but still get them.

13 PSYCHIC Protection Techniques To Shield From Attack

I ame age 74 and this has been going on for too, too long! Thanks for these recommended spiritual exercises. These experiments grant us hope and faith that we are not alone what is required of us is to practice and attune ourselves with the cosmic energy for our own good. Dear Melanie I realy appreciate. Thankyou so much for the information that you give!! Bless you for sharing …this is so important! I would like all negative energy enemies are using against me be dissolved and bless me from any thing I drink,eat with strength,good luck and skinny attractive beauty of body.

Very useful important information as past experiences I know that it is important to protect yourself.

9 Hours PSYCHIC PROTECTION "The Aura Sleep Shield" Tibetan Singing Bowls - BLANK SCREEN

Thank you and many blessings. I shall strive to take better care of myself and by doing so help others too vicariously. Thank You for the post. I truly need the negativity removed from me and,where i am living. I need you by my side. I have been going through this internal process this summer. Lots of things coming up for release.

This is very helpful. May hear the angels voice sing…I need to find that money Angele.. My mom past away on 29 of Feb in am overwhelmed with grief and pain how I know my mom is ok o need help. At the beginning of the year I was extremely drawn and pulled to study Reiki. Since I started I have had an emotional war with my emotions and I fill blocked.

Psychic Attack...

I have struggled so much and I cannot figure out what I am doing to make this happen. I just continue to struggle and I pray that this negative energy and bad luck I am having will go away soon. I literally like a wondering lost soul with obstructions and obstacle all around me. I have no clue what to do but to ride out the storm and ask angels for assistance.

All psychic vulnerabilities are places in ourselves where identified with already-existing wounds from the past. If you set about healing those wounds — and there are many, many tools out there, such as psychotherapy, bodywork, and deep meditation, you will eventually reduce your vulnerabilities to zero and all the techniques in this article will be unnecessary. When you become the most radiant thing in the neighborhood, no psychic attack or entity can affect you.

Just recently discovered you on 5dacensionnow your articles are so helpful. I was very sad to see that site close, it was one of the few sites i follow. Will they be reopening or anything similar? It seemed like such good stuff, it gave me something everyday that seemed like truth to me. Thank you for todays very inspirational article.

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Melanie, earlier this week you sent me an email about learning to listento our Angels and to open our minds and hearts. It is also worthy to note that psychic attacks from other people are usually unconscious in nature. That is to say, not everyone is a practitioner of the dark arts - that is very rare to find indeed, mostly because people who intentionally summon dark energy receive bad karma and also receive the same dark energy returning that they sent out. So most psychic attacks are by people who may send anger or negativity in our direction and not realise the harm that energy can wreak.

There are certain countries and cultures that emphasize dark magic more so than others. Also on occasion a teen will watch a movie about witches and dabble in the dark arts whilst having no clear idea what they are actually dealing with. Attacks From Spirits It is no coincidence that many people who are heavy smokers, drinkers and especially those who do hard drugs have many more dark spirits hanging around them than other people. The reason is basic: It would be bedlam if we didn't have this protective layer of energy shielding to keep pesky spirits out.

Those who do drugs actually harm their aura and begin to develop holes in their protective energy shield so that spirits can get in and influence them. This is a major reason to stay away from drugs. People who suffer from a long illness can have a much weaker aura at times. Those who are psychologically weak can let spirits in and be influenced by them.

However, for most of us who are strong mentally, emotionally and spiritually, a spirit cannot enter to mess up our life. Those who are psychic and can hear spirits clairaudient learn to tell them firmly to go away. No spirit can unduly influence us unless we consent to it, or are open to it. Shut down any spirit that is messing you around and they will quickly move on to find an easier target.