12 Jagged Steps, A Blaize/Zoloski Mystery

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I am a native Sacramentan. In my early 20s when a friend asked me if I wanted to write a spy novel, ala Robert Ludlum, together.

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She lived in Washington and was going through a divorce, and thought it would help her through it. It was also a great learning experience. It was my first mystery and the beginning of a 4-book series about a psychologist who works with addicts in Sacramento.

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She gets sucked into using her P. The first 3 are in electronic format. The fourth will hopefully come out in a year or two.

Which of your books are you most proud of — or what book s are you promoting now? I gave you a taste with the previous two questions!

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Beverly Hills Voodoo revolves around a headless corpse in Beverly Hills — the wife of a prominent judge who admits his wife practiced Voodoo. I was interested in how people bring their culture with them to another country and how it continues to impact their lives. The hard part was in not letting it slow the action.

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The second book in the series is Fortune Cookie Karma. It deals with a serial killer in Beverly Hills who stakes out his victims, all women, with ice picks. The third book, Bad Moon Rising , ties up the love story between Murry and the medical examiner, but through unexpected means. Read more Read less.

Blaize of Trouble by Louise Crawford (2012-10-30)

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Please try again later. Pick up any writing magazine these days or any book that purports to teach one how to write and one of the basic tenets you are guaranteed to see is "write what you know.

The result, long in pop-psychology and various twelve-step program jargons becomes a bit heavy handed at times, but the overall story is enjoyable. In this third installment of the series, Blaize is trying to figure out her relationship with the man she affectionately refers to as Z-man: The Police Detective and her lover has set an ultimatum for her concerning their future and wants her to commit to getting married.

Because of her history of brutal abuse at the hands of her family, the idea of marriage is overwhelming. At the same time, some of her extended family seems to want to reconnect, years after her father's death as well as her running away from home. Hardly before she has a chance to consider that possibility, Uncle Rich who was responsible for quite a lot of the abuse, is found murdered.

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Quickly, both Blaize and her brother Ian who has some shocking revelations of his own are considered suspects. With most of the clues pointing to Ian, Blaize can't leave things alone. She begins to dig and soon discovers that the abuse never stopped and the list of suspects with motive to kill is long and complex. This novel is driven nearly entirely by discussions of abuse and therapy. Almost every character is extremely dysfunctional by anyone's standards and there are several stretches where different kinds of addiction are discussed and explained in great detail.

12 Jagged Steps

For the average reader who is interested in such topics, the bibliography at the conclusion of the novel is a big help. To try and save the woman he loves, Murry alienates his boss and his partner, risking his job and his life to find the killer. Blaize gets hit from all sides when her uncle turns up dead, her brother is the prime suspect, and her boyfriend, Zoloski, wants to get married. The "M" word scares her more than murder. Blaize strikes out on her own to unearth the killer and learns something about her own fear of commitment along the way.

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Her teenage client, Connie, is found brutally knifed and murdered; then, in a eerily similar manner, so is an old school friend who had unsuccessfully begged for Blaize's help and protection. She begins to dig and soon discovers that the abuse never stopped and the list of suspects with motive to kill is long and complex. Crawford is an award-winning author of several suspense series as well as fantasy and romance. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Now that Mom Cat has been spayed and vaccinated, we would love nothing more than to find her a special home that will love her as she continues to find herself. When the trail leads to Haiti, a year-old murder, and motives of revenge, Murry must unravel what's real and what's not before his partner becomes another victim of the deadly sorcerer whose touch can kill. Weekly issues every Saturday morning and other special articles throughout the week — there's something for everyone.

Cover Art by Five Star Pub. Cover Art by New Concepts. But it just may be Jane who needs protecting. Read More Buy Now Hat Trick Winner for Best Mystery Eppie Awards When the gay lover of a good friend turns up handless and toothless, step counselor Blaize McCue teams with her boyfriend, Detective Zoloski, to investigate the murder, and soon finds herself immersed in FBI, Treasury, and DEA agents who are not sharing secrets with each other or her as she follows a trail through a world of cross-dressing men, Middle-Eastern macho, illegal drugs, and money laundering in a race to save her friend.