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Phoned with a problem of a noisy fan in the Iboost and received details via an e-mail explaining how to check the fan. Once the cover was removed the small rubber stop had not been fitted leaving the fan able to move. Phoned Sarah at Marlec who is to post one next day. Brilliant service and thank you.

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Phil Whitworth — July 18, It has given me loads of hot water and I have switched my gas water heating off since May! I was recommended it by my father in-law who also has one fitted. Trevor Stokes — July 25, Gary Aked — July 28, The Solar iBoost is essential for any Solar panel owner and the Marlec company are very helpful if anything goes wrong and provide a speedy turn-around of the product. Jim Hughes — July 29, Been having a problem with immersion heater connected to iBoost.

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Phoned up to ask for a downloadable pdf of a manual for the iBoost — but got Teresa who was extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable and has hopefully solved our problem. I am very impressed and very grateful. Don Bruce — August 3, I considered the iBoost when it looked like I was going to replace my Combi Boiler with a system boiler and hot water storage tank. I export more of the electricity I generate than I use. This would mean that I would cover most of my hot water generation, especially in the summer months, for 3p per kwh.

However, the repair to my Combi was relatively cheap so the plan to install a System Boiler was placed on hold.

If the boiler has to be replaced in the future I will come back to buy an iBoost. Jonathan Lihou — August 4, Marlec have been very helpful throughout — excellent service, including when we had a minor installation problem to resolve. Mrs Ann Norman — August 5, Thank you Julie and team for all your help. Ted Shepherd — August 5, Does what it says on the tin. Jean Bell — August 7, We have had the iBoost system for a year now installed along with panels. Amazing gizmo, really does what they say and more.

Our sender unit ran out of battery power and I changed them and followed instructions, unfortunately the sender unit had developed a fault. Fortunately I was advised to contact Marlec customer services and they provided a new sender unit by post the next day and everything is up and running again.


After sales service is excellent. Magdalena Harding — August 7, What a superb company Marlec is. They could not have been more helpful or supportive, such a joy these days. Thank you, especially Sarah, for your patience and commitment. I recommend the iBoost to everyone I know who has solar panels. Gary May — September 7, I had this installed and had a slight problem with it, how-ever the Technical department were excellent Thank you David the unit was returned and tested and replaced. Its very rare nowadays to have a company that was so helpful, the customer care was excellent, a special thanks to Julie Williams.

So well done Marlec. John Hewitt — October 17, The iBoost has been working really well and we are very happy to have it. Just recently it stopped working, our installers have ceased trading and did not give us a manual. Contacting Marlec customer services was easy by email and they were exceptionally helpful. I have now printed off the manual and keep it convenient.

This is a really great piece of kit and makes full use of the solar panels on your roof. Sue Meads — October 28, Absolutely brilliant piece of kit. Delighted with my install which generates electricity for my use, gives me an income from my energy company and heats the water. As a solar installer I have installed many iBoosts. I find that they are easy to install, smart looking, easy to use, and very efficient. As many other reviewers have stated, the service from Marlec is second to none and I would not be at all worried if any of my customers chose to contact them direct no need to do this customers on the very rare occasion that things are not perfect.

J Penrose — December 1, Called through to the customer service line and didnt have to wait to get through, had my issue sorted out quickly and with a help full manner. John Dalton — December 8, Many thanks I-Boost, I shall tell all and sundry how great you were. Greg K — December 22, New Zealand has plenty of sunshine and no solar subsidies.

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When considering a 5KW solar system, the economics only stacked up if I could use the excess generation to heat our hot water. I discovered the iBoost for NZ and Australia. It would fully manage our hot water. An error on my part did damage the iBoost at one stage, but Marlec were very supportive and assisted with a repair.

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The iBoost is operational again and saving me money. Mike Aberdeen Uk — March 27, Eric Wheldon — March 28, I retract my previous review stating that the unit was vibrating and noisy. I contacted marlec and advised them of my problem they responded within one hour giving me excellent clear advice. It turns out that the installer had not used the lower two securing points and had not fully secured the removable cover in place. This allowed the cooling fan to vibrate and was the cause of the vibration and noise. I fixed these issues in five minutes and the fan now produces a gentle hum.

Alan F Devon — May 18, This does not include the peak summer months. If you have solar panels and an immersion heater you should fit this device. Andy H — May 23, Excellent product and easy to follow instructions. The unit started working the day after install when the sun started shining. Very helpful staff at Marlec confirmed before installation the the unit would work with my Hive hot water system, and it did. Dominic Eldred-Earl — June 27, Could not be easier to set up and use — we had a faulty EMMA unit which we had been using for 5 years — so for us the set up was as simple as disconnect the EMMA unit and wire this in its place.

It started working immediately and we no longer have to worry about heating or hot water as it supplies plenty for the 3 of us.

Deborah Cotterill — July 7, So kind and really helpful, problem solved WOW!!! You can just trust this company to help way after the sale which is so refreshing. Great support process and people, thank you. Contact our expert sales team to discuss any sites or applications for your needs. Our latest system uses a state of the art LED lanterns which delivers greater brightness with lower power consumption. Combined with an MPPT streetlight control system this enables us to achieve longer illumination times at a wide variety of locations.

The system can even be adapted for applications other than roadside illumination, such as shore based navigation systems, cctv and other novel uses. The wind and solar powered solution delivers free, renewable energy which is stored in a battery ready to be consumed by the ultra low energy LED technology lamp when darkness falls. Suitable for Gallery Why Green Columns? Our New System Features. Airfields Remote homes Harbour-side lighting Developing countries Solution for discreet lighting in conservation areas.

Download a case study here. Why choose a Green Column lighting solution? Cost effective solution where no mains power is available. No need to dig trenches for underground cables.