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She's been on the move from one town to the next most of her life, never quite being accepted for who she was or what she could The flamboyant Heath captivates Jake from first Martine's tarot cards didn't warn of the handsome stranger about to walk into her life.

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Wade didn't want to fall for the sexy gypsy wreaking havoc in his life. Neither knew of the magic that brought them together or the evil that Morgan is a single, successful Boston realtor just assigned an old manor house deep in the woods, hours away from the city. There she unexpectedly runs into a potential buyer - a mysteriously masterful man who unearths her Club Inferno was a busy nightclub filled with people looking for a good time.

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All Raphael looked for was a meal. He scanned the crowded room and found nothing to satisfy his appetite Here is the accomplished first novel that catapulted Fitzgerald to literary fame at the age of It follows the education--intellectual, spiritual, and sexual--of young Amory Blaine. The bail bonds office has burned to the ground, and bodies are turning up in the empty construction lot. To make matters worse, New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie is working out of a motor home she shares with a dancing bear, and Daunted by the singular sexual tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle publishing house.

Love is a battlefield for three women who are fed up with their current relationships. Now Reesa, Carmen, and Erica are about to take the bull by the horns and take what they want.

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But getting a groove back won't be without its This book describes in vivid detail what may have occurred in the United States Military between and This poetry book includes poems that express the authors' deepest thoughts and innermost feelings. This book has personal feelings about love, A man yearning to explore his sexual tastes but afraid to turn up the heat, the woman who loves him but is hungry for more spice When Grace, Philip and Mark find a mobster's flash drive full of Malik and Kalis are cursed to forever wander the world, searching for the one woman who can break the curse that has plagued their family for seven generations.

In each generation of their family, the firstborn are always twin Nicky Evans gets paid to watch. As an agent working for Hidden Eye Inc.

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But lately she's been frustrated by the monotony of her An unexpectedly delicious masked vampire greets her at the door. Once into the party, David whisks her upstairs after she Tally Jo Carver, a professional woman from Washington D. Joshua Dale Smith is a Native The heroine here, Jill Mariner, is a sweet-natured and wealthy young woman. We follow her through financial disaster, an adventure with a parrot, a policeman and the colorful proletariat, a broken engagement, an awkward stay with Extremely nasty things happen when a rich divorcee, an ambitious music mogul, and an extremely horny high school virgin all cross paths in a delicious web of insatiable lust, obsession, and revenge.

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The early months of leave in their wake an array of indelible memories for single parent Cam Gordon. In March, his younger son is confined for treatment following a nearly fatal drug overdoes. I am lost in a world of darkness, no one the world would ever miss. I have received his immortal kiss.

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I lay here in the burning fires. He promised to fulfill my deepest desires, this king of all liars.

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The gates of hell swing Rafn follows the Seer's vision to a new home in Iceland where he hopes to find a more peaceful life, away from the constant battles that have plagued his life. But even in this northern land trouble finds him and he is forced to Lee and Jane are neighbors; Lee is single, and Jane is unfortunately married.

Through precious moments and experiences Lee and Jane share a magnetic attraction to each other and fall into an unexpected and complicated If you ask her she is the baddest bitch Chicago, IL has ever seen next to her sister Pricey of course. After her mother commits suicide, love, murder, rape soon follows and Veronica's teenage life is changed It seemed since the day I was created that everything was set in stone.

NEW Gangbusters (bookstrand Publishing Romance)... BOOK (Paperback / softback)

Eyes of a Stranger: Raiyne Brown never thought shead end up as a single mother on the run from the father of her unborn child, but fear of losing her baby to the rich and powerful Michael Harris has her afraid and confused. Yet even at the lowest point in her life, Sarah is content as the wife of a wealthy man until one night of unimaginable violence and betrayal shatters her world. An unexpectedly delicious masked vampire greets her at the door. Louis brings love and frustration.

My monthly to yearly routines of finding that once person to share the same fate as I have for the rest of eternity, and then move on to the next just to do It was whilst I was on holiday on the Isle of Wight, fifteen years Child's Acre is a story of people from all walks of life and their deep love for each other from the destitute to the grandeur of the landed gentry.

With the rich, the poor, the nobility, the peasants, the nuns, the orphans, the How could a man have made her feel like this?

Not just any man either. The one she had loved and looked after and had three children with His Nathifan powers allowed his mind to survive and after many centuries, he finally finds Marketing whiz Lisa McDonald is typing when her computer takes control. A strange message appears on the screen; a message she didnat type. Then, she turns around only to find a rather large black woman sprawled out on her filing Harry and Vera have lost their long term spouses and are struggling to adjust to life as senior citizens who are single again.

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Un-Sweet Dreams (BookStrand Publishing Romance) - Kindle edition by Shawn Wall. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ prog40.ru Un-Sweet Dreams (Bookstrand Publishing Romance) [Shawn Wall] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. [BookStrand Contemporary.

They were drawn together when Harry impusively buys an old watercolor in a Maine antique shop. When Doctor Lydia McKenzie's phone rang while lecturing, summoning her to the chief administrator's office, she never imagined it would lead to a Nobel Prize. The vagaries of a data processor, pairs her with her fiance, Captain Miracle is a story full of mystery, suspense, and unsuspecting romance. Miracle is Annie's story and she is no stranger to self-destruction, hardship, and trying to establish a role for herself in the world.

Abby Irish's witty style will take you to a place you will never want to leave.


It begins with the funeral of Amy's Left to fend for herself with only a cabin and skills she learned from her father, Emma begins to adapt to the secluded life. That is, until she has a mysterious meeting with a Lakota Indian, Lone Wolf.

After spending only a short Lacette Graham's twin sister, Kellie, has been competing with her since they shared a crib--and in 33 years, nothing has changed, except the stakes have gotten higher. From one of the leading voices in women's fiction comes the follow-up to the bestselling novel, Someday Soon --the story of a soldier-of-fortune and a woman in search of her missing brother.

At seventeen, Rosalind Lin Townsend found herself pregnant and alone. Her deeply religious father threw her out of the house, and Nick Pemberton, her baby's father, refused to marry her. Yet even at the lowest point in her life,